Percy Cummings ejaculates on TSA Agent during pat down

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Percy Cummings, a 47 year old gay interior designer, was arrested at San Francisco International Airport for ejaculating on a TSA office who was patting him for security check. The TSA full body scan detector was going off due to the multiple metal piercings on Cummings’ penis.

Percy Cummings ejaculates on TSA agent

Percy Cummings’ partner Sergio Armani says that the agent spent “an inordinate amount of time groping” the private parts of Cummings which was the reason for the arousal. The rules set forth by TSA express that anyone who ejaculates during a pat down is subject to being arrested.The interior designer was charged with sexual assault, even tough it would seem that his premature ejaculation was out of his control. At a time when the TSA is being deeply criticized by much of society, it can’t help their public image to send a innocent man to prison. Percy Cummings allegedly had history of previous sexual dysfunction, so it will be interesting to see what will be the charges that stick on Mr. Cummings.


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