AT&T Rated Worst Cellular Provider in U.S. by Consumer Reports

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

ChattahBox U.S. News)—In a survey of 58,000 readers, Consumer Reports found that AT&T’s service ranked the lowest among American cellular carriers, and iPhone users were “by far, the least satisfied” with AT&T as their carrier, the Wall Street Journal reports. This news comes at an already unfortunate time for AT&T, with the carrier facing competition from other cellular companies who may end up also offering the iPhone, which AT&T currently carries exclusively.
AT&T spent $2 billion this year to correct weaknesses in its network following complaints of dropped calls and network quality. The company said in a statement that it takes the low Consumer Reports ranking seriously and will continue to look for ways to improve customers’ experiences, WSJ reports.
Consumer Reports ranked U.S. Cellular Corp. as the highest rated cellular company, despite the fact that the small company currently has only 6.1 million customers. Coming in second was Verizon, which has 93.2 million subscribers, WSJ reports.


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